2015 Agenda



8:00 a.m.            Keynote Speaker: Virend Somers, MD, Ph.D

       Topic: Sleep and the failing heart


9:00 a.m.            Speaker: Dr. Jon Tippin, MD, FAAN, FAASM

       Topic: Driver impairment & crash risks in OSA


10:15 a.m.          Speaker: Virend Somers, MD, Ph.D

       Topic: Sleep deprivation, sleep apnea & cardiometabloic disease

                   Does sleeping less make you fat?


11:00 a.m.          Speaker: Casey Burg, MD

       Topic: Pediatric Polysomnography


12:45 p.m.          Speaker: Jennifer James, RPSGT, RST, PHR

       Topic: Home Sleep Testing


1:45 p.m.             Speaker: Jeff Boyle, MD, Ph.D

        Topic: The Pathophysiology of Narcolepsy


2:20 p.m.             Speaker: Scott Barth, RRT, RPSGT

        Topic: The importance of recognizing SDB in the hospital setting


3:10 p.m.             Speaker: Rizan Hajal, MD, FCCP

        Topic: Seizures & Sleep


3:45 p.m.             Speaker: Renee Fitzhugh, BA, RPSGT and Jacquelyn Larsen, Ph.D

        Topic: When your night gets hijacked: Guiding principles for turning the night



4:20 p.m.             Speaker: Snigda Sagar, MD

        Topic: Insomnia& Complimentary health approaches


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